“I have commissioned Kikoe on two occasions now and have found both experiences to be a pleasure. She delivers promptly, and with regular communication throughout. Her means of receiving payment and the adjustments she makes during the process makes the whole thing seamless, and her end product is staggeringly good. I cannot recommend her services enough; and do so regularly to my friends.”

– Tom “Moriarty” Richards

“Cheerful, friendly and very talented, was an absolute joy to work with”

– Sharkgerkins (Deviantart)

It was an absolute blast working with you on the piece that Aviriia commissioned!

“I was so dumbfounded at your talent I’ve been recommending you to any and all I’ve met looking for art, and you’re my go-to choice. So, I’m here to give you some business!”

– Kealan Begley

“Commissioning a piece from Kikoe is unlike anything else. You don’t just pay money and receive a product, you have an experience; a conversation, you get to know each other, it’s very interactive. Kikoe has a wonderful personality and is an absolute delight to work with. And as though that wasn’t enough, she’s incredibly talented and very co-operative. I decided to commission a piece from Kikoe as I knew she was great; but I didn’t know she was this great. Within 4 days she had drawn a masterpiece; she went above and beyond and I am both tremendously grateful and happy with what she did. I look forward to commissioning more!”

– Brendan

I’ve commissioned a few times and every single time the arts become better and better! The communication is great and she’s an amazing and sweet person.

Would commission 100% again!

– Aviriia

“If you’ve seen samples of Kikoe’s work, then you already see that her artistic creativity, imagination and skills are set to hyperdrive. But if you haven’t collaborated with Kikoe yet, here’s what you don’t know:

  • She genuinely wants to help you realize your vision.
  • She’s always responsive and interested in your input.
  • She’ll prolly pepper you with unexpected questions and cool ideas (which is a nice bonus!).
  • She has ZERO of the stereotypical, dismissive “I’m cooler than you” artistic temperament.

Our team already considers Kikoe a friend – and we’d confidently recommend her to our friends.”

-Donaldo R.

Creative/Marketing Consultant

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